KBA recommends Flint Group inks

SB on 19/05/2017

KBA recommends Flint Group inks

Suitable consumables are a decisive prerequisite for optimum use of your KBA-Sheetfed offset press. Flint Group Sheetfed and KBA-Sheetfed, two of the leading companies in the industry have forged an alliance to support users around the world with tested consumables, developed specifically to meet the requirements of high-performance sheetfed offset printing. High-quality inks provide for reliable production processes and brilliant print results.

Your benefits from our partnership:

• Continuity in press and product performance

• Inks included as standard in the starter kits of Rapida presses

• Know-how exchange between the two companies

• Access to the latest ink developments, tested by KBA-Sheetfed

• Cooperation on the development and standardisation of new ink systems, including joint support for users


KBA & Flint Partnership Brochure.pdf

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